The legal system is inundated by so many retention laws, even upon the retiring or selling of a firm, that it is no surprise that many attorney’s elect to save everything forever to avoid any potential issues. Not only does this take up billable office space, this also causes a colossal waste of employee time searching for certain matters when necessary to recall them. This storage method also leaves a lot of liability sitting around the office, or in unguarded storage units outside of the office. Accordingly, this storage method produces a lot of liability and overhead cost as time goes on.

DocuLock, LLC® can eliminate all of the above, and help protect firms from costly fines. Our team can also act as a fire-brigade squad should any large litigation trials come up and present a time-consuming bates stamping and scanning project for the firm. The Missouri Courts (statewide) are now accepting efiling for cases and matters, which pairs well with DocuLock, LLC®. Investing in DocuLock, LLC® will ensure peace of mind that your documentation is backed-up and secure, and that your firm has access to your documentation anywhere and anytime (even in a courtroom), visit website

“I met Cory and Paul through a mutual friend, and within a few months, a litigation project came up for which I needed help. My client had five boxes full of documents that needed to be Bates stamped/labeled and scanned into a searchable format for litigation discovery purposes. Cory and Paul assessed the project and gave me a quote which included removing the staples from the documents, stamping/labeling the documents, scanning the documents into searchable digital format, and then returning the documents to their respective folders. Their quote was not only less than a nationwide office supply company, but it also included the labeling, which is something I would have had to do myself if I had used the larger company. DocuLock, LLC® was extremely easy to work with – they brought their own tables and equipment, set up in a spare room, and I barely noticed they were in our office. As an attorney, I did not want the documents to leave our office, and Paul, Cory, and their team took extra steps to ensure that we were satisfied with their work through every stage of the process. Upon completion, I was handed multiple thumb drives with the documents sorted in folders that were identical to the physical folders provided. I could not be more satisfied with the services and professionalism provided by DocuLock, LLC® and would absolutely use them again and refer others to them.

– Jennifer McKinley – Member/Attorney – Hook McKinley, LLC

For a document risk assessment for your firm, please reach out to us. We look forward to bringing you peace of mind.