Document Scanning Services

DocuLock, LLC® was founded out of a growing need to have secure and efficient document scanning and archiving services completed on a regular basis. Not only does this help secure your business documents and client information, it serves as protection and liability measurements should disaster of any kind strike. In today’s fast paced environment, businesses and their owners need to have confidence that a fire, leaking roof, sticky fingers, disgruntled employees, a bad audit, or any other destructive means do not permanently close their doors. If you are in need of these services, please read on below to find out where your project(s) fit in with our custom solutions.

Wide-Format (Blueprint) Scanning – DocuLock, LLC® proudly offers the ability to turn your wide-format documents into beautiful, crisp digital images, capable of being viewed on any device. Our state-of-the-art technology preserves the most crucial of files that other companies cannot; infrastructure blueprints, drawings, diagrams, photographs, historical pieces, legacy files, newspapers, and more. Contact us today to set up your appointment and see how we can help preserve these precious documents!

Offsite Scanning Services – DocuLock, LLC® has the perfect facility to complete your document scanning and archiving projects in a secure and efficient manner. Our facility’s main goal is to keep our client’s data secure while projects are being completed. All doors are protected with digital deadbolts, and each room is under full audio/video camera surveillance. Our clients can have that priceless peace-of-mind knowing that their sensitive business documentation is kept secure while the files are offsite being scanned in and indexed accordingly by background check compliant employees. Offsite scanning is recommended for the following circumstances: high volume scanning projects that need to be done with the utmost of speed (daisy-chain of equipment), businesses who do not have a dedicated space where our team could set up, businesses who do not wish to have any changes in their own daily business operations while the project is being completed. Contact us to find out more about our Offsite Scanning solutions!

Onsite Scanning Services – DocuLock, LLC® realizes the sensitivity and importance of the business documentation that we handle on a daily basis. This is why we go the extra mile of offering Onsite Scanning Services for our partners that other service providers just won’t do. After consultation to make sure it is the right fit, DocuLock, LLC® can have a dedicated team complete your project(s) at your business facility. This allows our partners to get the same state-of-the-art scanning and archiving services completed at their business location, without the anxiety of having sensitive documentation offsite. All projects are completed by background check compliant employees, under the guide and presence of a project manager. Onsite scanning is recommended for the following circumstances: client data may need to be accessed during project completion time, retention or other IP laws prevent project materials from leaving the business premises. *Client must have a dedicated room or area that is sufficient to place our equipment and team in to complete the project. Contact us to find out more about our Onsite Scanning solutions!

Historical Accessibility & Preservation Services – DocuLock, LLC® has worked diligently on various historical and preservation projects for multiple organizations. Through such efforts, DocuLock, LLC® is now proudly on the State of Missouri, Office of the Secretary of State’s Local Records Grant Program vendor list. DocuLock, LLC®’s co-owners are both historians by education, and our team is passionate about helping out these wonderful organizations. Whether it be for helping locate grant funds (proposals for state funded projects) or through project completion, DocuLock, LLC® can be trusted with the most delicate of collections. Our team is trained on how to handle these precious and irreplaceable documents. Organizations that fall into this category: Libraries, Museums, Genealogical Society’s, Heritage Organizations, Research Facilities, among many others. Contact us for further information on how DocuLock, LLC® can help preserve and make accessible your organizations’ collections.

Consultation Services

Document Workflow Planning and Consultation – Workflow efficiency is where a lot of businesses face painful and costly realities. Whether it is time (which is money) lost searching through storage units filled with bankers boxes, or documentation coming up missing during key audits, DocuLock, LLC® is here to offer consultation and the correct services/software to bring your business the perfect solutions to improve workflow efficiency. This allows your employees to do the day-to-day tasks they are paid to do, without the mind numbing and time wasting efforts of outdated workflows and policies. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!