DocuLock, LLC® has worked diligently on various historical and preservation projects for multiple organizations. Through such efforts, DocuLock, LLC® is now proudly on the State of Missouri, Office of the Secretary of State’s Local Records Grant Program vendor list. DocuLock, LLC®’s co-owners are both historians by education, and our team is passionate about helping out these wonderful organizations.

Library Districts, Museums, Genealogies, they are all in desperate need for a sleek solution to not only preserve their precious texts, but to make them accessible to the general public. DocuLock, LLC® has the experience you need, from handling old texts, parchments and documentation, to scanning them in and making them usable and all around more effective for researchers and the general public alike. The knowledge contained in these precious collections are for public information and the improvement of lives. DocuLock, LLC® wishes to help see that promise to the public kept in full.

“Paul and Cory at DocuLock, LLC® just completed a project for the St. Joseph Public Library. They digitized every annual report, from 1890 to 2017. Some of the original reports were in good shape and others were literally falling apart. Cory was able to get a clear digitized copy of every report, regardless of the shape it was in. I was impressed with DocuLock, LLC®‘s professionalism, attention to detail, quality, and speed! I am looking forward to continuing to work with them on more digitization projects for the library.”

– Mary Beth Revels – Director – Saint Joseph Public Library District

Our country’s history is irreplaceable, and the documentation should be treated as such. Don’t wait to have your collections assessed by DocuLock, LLC®! For a document risk assessment for your historical entity, please reach out to us. We look forward to bringing you peace of mind.