DocuLock, LLC® knows that the funeral industry has layers of documentation that leaves heavy liability on owners and directors. Once more, it can be audited at any time by state agents. Between maintenance on old files, having Pre-Needs files subject to the Patriot Act, and locating of At-Needs files, a huge investment is made into your business documentation. Why not protect your livelihood and investment while making your work environment more efficient?

DocuLock, LLC® takes a custom, tiered approach for funeral directors. The first part is to scan and secure your files. The second part is making them accessible from anywhere at anytime. Funeral directors are always on the clock, so accessibility is key. Whether you have a single home operation, or are a multi-location corporation, DocuLock, LLC® can help protect your business documentation, allay the fear of state and local auditors, and make your daily business operations more efficient.

“DocuLock, LLC® archived our funeral records at Hixson-Klein Funeral Home from 1977 to present. With being a 24 hour, 7 day a week business, we were extremely pleased with how they worked around our schedule and were able to get everything scanned and completed in such a short period of time. They were very professional and trustworthy with our information. There is so much relief in knowing our records are now safe.”

– Christa Musser – Licensed Funeral Director & Pre-need Agent – Hixson-Klein Funeral Home

For a document risk assessment for your funeral home, please reach out to us. We look forward to bringing you peace of mind.